sun|tect would like to thank:

Yasmin Mistry of  [ Idesygn ]
Phil Durham (RIP 2018) of Studio Durham
Joe Serrins of Joe Serrins Studio
Lawrence McDonald of COLVM
Leo Blackman of BLUR Architects
Daniel Allen and Steve Killcoyne of Allen + Killcoyne Architects
Kelly Giesen of Kelly G. Design

notes on collaborations:

The nature of architecture is collaborative and few projects are done without the input of many dedicated and talented professionals from multiple specialties and backgrounds. With this in mind, under [projects] we have in the past listed [collaborative] projects to indicate projects where a sun|tect principal has played a substantive role in a project executed under the umbrella of a different studio’s employment.

In the past, projects executed at other studios (ex: Studio Durham), with those studio heads acting as Architect of Record and sun|tect: architecture principal Andrew Haner acting under the employment of that firm, have been shown under this [collaboration] tag. All rights consistent with the architect of record are reserved by those individual studios / architects. In those cases, Andrew Haner / sun|tect claim no rights to primary authorship and work shown properly credits the studios / architects of record. As of April 2019, these projects have been phased out on the website, with all work shown being sun|tect’s primary authorship.

This has in the past allowed sun|tect: architecture to show proficiency in multiple project types while properly crediting the architect of record under [ AIA rules for attribution ].

additional thanks to:

AZ | BB | JT & other respected WUSTL classmates
BM | KM | DS & other respected UIUC classmates
BT | CZ | JL | MD | MH & other NY collaborators
the whole Greenspace NYC team
New York University
Cooper Union
City Tech Brooklyn