[ Day 05/06 – 3/27+28/21 Saturday + Sunday RECAP ]

<< We all welcome our new Pac-12 overlords >>

Day Five / Six Scoring:

General Thoughts:

Game thoughts (I’m on a deadline, so these will be unfortunately much shorter than usual, sorry):

And with that, enjoy the end of the madness!

[ Day 03/04 – 3/21/21 Sunday + Monday RECAP ]

<< Oral Roberts, Oregon State, and the double entendre Sweet 16 >>

Day Three / Four Scoring:

General Thoughts:

Game thoughts:

OK, that’s the Day 3/4 write-up, we will chat about the second weekend and perhaps hooking up for outdoor pints 😉

Enjoy your week until we chat again!



[ Day 02 – 3/20/21 Saturday RECAP ]

<< What is a team’s DNA, how much variance does a team want, and does Cinderella benefit from a lack of crowds? >>

Day Two Scoring:

General Thoughts:

Game thoughts:

Ok, all, enjoy the madness, the Big Ten is already 0-2 today and we have a happy nun 😉


[ Day 01 – 3/19/21 Friday RECAP ]

<< Cinderella comes early to Columbus, OH and with a vengeance… >>

Day One Scoring:

General Thoughts:

Game thoughts:

And then there were 48 teams, with that, the madness continues… probably now 😉

Now… Where we watching games in Brooklyn that is outside and has multiple TVs?

[ Day 0 – 3/19/19 Friday Part I: INTRO]

Hello all, welcome to the pool.
Let’s start with our house keeping.

1. We are 35 to roll. #36 is an error (Hi Keith!), so it’s $350 in the pool. Everyone has paid!
Breakdown as per normal:
  • $10 to last place (hi Dan!)
  • $10 to the biggest by seed second round upset (if more than 2 people pick, goes to winner)
  • 65% to winner: $215 ($225 if the 2nd round upset is waived).
  • 35% to second: $115
2. I will be updating on a nightly basis, but this email thread is for soft updates and shit talking.
3. Let’s make some introductions about your competitors.
This is to introduce you all for the amusement of each other.
Also so you know where to needle each other and the best places to go for insults 😉
  • The Cuse People: the GF is from Cuse, so…
    • Yasmin, made the mistake of dating me, please pity her.
    • Dai: Big Cuse fan (former Champ)
    • Sus: Big Cuse fan and former champ of the political pool
    • Scott H: Long suffering Buffalo Bills fan.
  • The Rec Team: these idiots had to play with a 40 y/o stretch 5, so pity them:
    • Robby L. – The Jewish Steph Curry
    • Robby S. – Destructive wing
    • Eamon – Heady passing wing
    • Emilo – mascot
    • Aman – PG from a team a while back, and defending champ.
  • The TBT Mafia: if you want basketball junkies and degenerates:
    • Matt M / Jacob H – Leadership team of Eberlein Drive (finalist in 2018)
    • Mike Rej – GM – We Are D3
    • Mike I – GM – Team 23 (finalist in 2015)
    • Daniel C – GM – THE Kimchi Express
    • Brandon Forman – GM – Broad Street Brawlers
    • AJ M – GM – Armored Athlete
    • Jess R – OG Booster and podcaster
    • Juan B – GM of Pedro’s Posse, degenerate gambler
  • The Architecture / Construction Pros: these people work with me, pity them
    • David Ack – GC that builds my better designs
    • Lindsey – Former coworker, you have likely been in one of her national projects 😉
    • Steph – Also an architect, please be nice to her.
    • Maurice – Engineer
    • Felix – Tries to keep me out of trouble.
  • The Memphis Mafia:
    • Peter C, attendee of the Penny Hardaway fantasy camp (jealous)
    • Hanna C, an actual nice memphis fan
    • Aidan, president of the NYC alum group
    • Olivia, rolls with Hanna
  • Defies characterization:
    • David Hil: college friend, fun guy
    • Reid: Broadcasting professional, college friend
    • Amanda – Solid wing, probably can beat most of this list one on one.
    • Spencer L – talented graphic artist who also can dunk on all of us.
    • Dan B – the premier hater in NYC (and he lost his champ)
    • Dave Ha – my pop, so this is all his fault.
    • Jeanine – runs Park Slope VB
Whew. Ok, chat amongst yourselves.
Enjoy the madness, update later 😉


[ Day 00: Intro ]

LOL, uh, let’s try this again 😉
It’s the most wonderful time of the year… the NCAA Tournament is coming!

Hello all and welcome to the 2021 Larry Finch NCAA tourney pool.

2019’s participants / new invites are cc’ed. Feel free to invite any friends you think would be interested, it’s not a closed deal. More the merrier!
First things first, your participation:
  • #1: Yes, I want to enter the pool and become a degenerate gambler.
  • #2: No, hate gambling, but love going out. Please alert me to outdoor watches in NYC.
  • #3: Spam email, delete.
Let me know your deal, I will make a master email list of the participants for the whole ride once it all shakes out. Note: at that point the emails become non-BCC’ed

1. We will be using the ESPN standard scoring at dedicated group:

Directions to join pool on ESPN:
Group: LarryFinch_2021
Note: Read on how COVID drops apply to the brackets, I have NO IDEA how this is happening, but we will use ESPN’s scoring, no questions asked.
Note: NAME YOUR BRACKET YOUR NAME so I’m not guessing who you are!
2. The entry fee remains $10.  
  • Venmo (@DavidA-Haner) strongly preferred.
  • Do NOT under ANY circumstances use Paypal
  • As always, the subject should be ‘LF Pool Cleaning Fees’ since gambling is illegal and this isn’t gambling, but some friends helping friends out.
3. Submission of your bracket AND PAYMENT (I’m looking specifically at a few of you damned freeloaders, LOL) is due before the first round of 64 game tip off.
Note: ‘First Four’ games will not weigh in the scoring.

4. What’s at stake? Money. The standard breakdown is approximately 65% to the winner, 30% to 2nd, $10 each to last place (LOL) and the biggest 2nd round upset (by seed). We’ll hash this out on first ‘all aboard’ email.5. You’re chasing the defending champ, which is AMAN!

Prior champs include yours truly, Benny T, Chris Z, Ruth G, Ryan, Dai, Amanda, and others I forget 🙁

<< Ok, that is the gambling, what about the social aspect? >>

There WILL be an outdoor watch of games at a bar with a TV outside.

I will alert Brooklyn types of that opportunity.
That’s all for now, Make your brackets and we’ll do this.
Same as it ever was.
Happy bracketing!

PS: This is an open pool.  If you’ve got a friend you think would enjoy this, then please forward them this email and put them in touch.  More money to the winner, which is always a good thing…
And a final reminder,
1. Last year’s write up is here (scroll to bottom): http://sun-tect.com/temp-larry-finch-pool-2019

2. It’s all about that glass slipper:

  • From the ‘Cardiac Pack’ in ’85
  • To Bryce Drew’s killer shot for Valpo in ’98
  • All the way to 2013’s #DunkCity Sweet 16:
The joy is in the journey.
Be well all.