sun|tect would like to thank:

Yasmin Mistry of  [ Idesygn ]
Phil Durham of [ Studio Durham ]
Joe Serrins of Joe Serrins Studio
Lawrence McDonald of COLVM
Leo Blackman of BLUR Architects
Daniel Allen and Steve Killcoyne of [ Allen + Killcoyne Architects ]
Kelly Giesen of Kelly G. Design

notes on collaborations:

The nature of architecture is collaborative and few projects are done without the input of many dedicated and talented professionals from multiple specialties and backgrounds. With this in mind, under [ projects ] we have listed [ collaborative ] projects to indicate projects where a sun|tect principal has played a substantive role in a project executed under the umbrella of a different studio’s employment.

Projects executed by [ Allen + Killcoyne Architects ] with Architect of Record as Dan Allen and sun|tect: architecture principal Andrew Haner as project manager while under the employment of AKA. All rights consistent with the architect of record are reserved by Mr. Allen and AKA and Andrew Haner / sun|tect claim no rights to primary authorship.

This allows sun|tect: architecture to show proficiency in multiple project types while properly crediting the architect of record under [ AIA rules for attribution ].

additional thanks to:

AZ | BB | JT & other respected WUSTL classmates
BM | KM | DS & other respected UIUC classmates
BT | CZ | JL | MD | MH & other NY collaborators
the whole Greenspace NYC team
New York University
Cooper Union
City Tech Brooklyn
Institute of Design and Construction