[ why pickwick? ]

From the hard streets of Houston, Pickwick was one of 13 children to a single mother who gave him up for adoption.

Suffered a tragic loss of his family and briefly found himself homeless, making Pickwick uniquely positioned to talk about housing crisis.

[ platform ]

Running for the Presidency in 2024, Pickwick is uniquely positioned to be a force for change in America with his forward thinking pragmatism. He doesn't accept PAC money (though he does accept treats), and thinks for himself - literally peeing on his political opponents.

Universal Pre-K (Kennel)

Understanding that child (and pet) care is expensive, President Pickwick will fight for free for all Pre-K (of BOTH kinds)

Student Loan Forgiveness

Americans are being crushed by student loan debt. With this in mind, President Pickwick will pass loan forgiveness for all existing obedience class loans while making all future agility classes free to all puppies.

Defund the 'Paw'-Lice

With new policing strategies needed for peace keeping, President Pickwick will move federal funding from dog catching to more dog trainers in the shelter community.

DLM - Dog Lives Matter

Discrimination is at an all time high, so President Pickwick will advocate an end to Breed Specific Regulations that marginalize good doggies just for the circumstances of their birth.

Universal Basic Income

With a need for more help in these trying economic times, President Pickwick will advocate for $1,000 per month (in treats!) to all dogs.

Abolition of Public Urination Laws

President Pickwick is busy fighting for you, so he can’t take the time to worry about where he urinates. He is peeing for YOU!

Paid for by “Puppies for Pickwick”