[ competition – syracuse house ]

This competition was an exploration of reinvigorating the urban core of Syracuse, The entry explored aspects of home design (affordability, sustainability, social issues, etc.) Below is the write-up for one design:

By using a flexible structural grid, the project is part tight stacked volume of sleep, service, and cellar while also part generously apportioned public living space. The cellar space is only partially excavated because of an insulating earth berm built up with the removed earth. The higher ceiling in the living space allows for a long ribbon of clerestory windows to facilitate air flow and daylighting. A linear arraignment of bypass sliding doors on the side yard allow for both a strong sense of transitional space spanning inside and out as well as providing cross-ventilation.

[ credits ]

  • Sponsor: Syracuse University
  • Team: Andrew Haner (sun|tect: architecture)
  • - with: Benny Tang, Christopher Ziegler, Martin Byrne