[ collaboration: house ]

[ Project done at while at Allen + Killcoyne Architects – Dan Allen: architect of record ]

This is a substantial addition to a small cottage. One major challenge of this project was to retain some of the character of the original home while tripling the square footage. The addition was placed on a very steep hill. This sectional challenge was handled by lessening the height difference of the addition by using a wrap-around porch to make the height difference between the addition and the original appear much smaller. A manufactured wood siding, similar in composition to the original, was used on the addition to blend the two masses. With the original home taking much of its detailing from nautical ideas, the new random width hardwood floors and exposed ceiling joists in the kitchen lent the home a certain nautical feel.

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[ credits ]

  • Client: Private
  • Architect: Allen + Killcoyne Architects
  • - Dan Allen, Architect of
  • - Andrew Haner (now sun|tect principal), Project Manager