[ commercial interior - luxury ] - collaboration project

This is a full floor build-out for the L’Oreal Luxury Products Division. To provide for generous ceiling heights in the primary work areas, the HVAC systems are funneled along a central hall, saving ceiling space and money. This efficient system influences the overall design aesthetic of the project. An open modular office system, encourages collaborative thought.

All the west side offices are completely transparent, allowing sunlight to filter in while encouraging dialogue between all employees. Finally, the judicious use of branded color, along with a modern material pallet, allows for a rigorous and professional look for a company with a cutting edge persona.

[ Project done at while at Allen + Killcoyne Architects - Dan Allen: architect of record ]
- see collaboration page and the AIA rules for attribution for details concerning attribution of credit.

[ credits ]

Client: L'Oreal USA: Luxury Products Division
Architect: Allen + Killcoyne Architects
- Dan Allen, Architect of Record, Principal
- Steve Killcoyne, Principal
- Andrew Haner, Project Manager
. .[ now at sun|tect ]
General Contractor: JT Magen

Completion: December 2009