[ residential exercise room ] - collaboration project

This project involves reorganizing basement storage and providing a new tenant amenity room with the gained space. The space has an unusually high ceiling. To take advantage, we ran the primary HVAC in the perimeter soffit connected to the mirrored feature wall. This section differentiates a programmatic zone separate from the rest of the volume. With a small footprint, material and lighting decisions were the primary tools used to differentiate space. Wood veneer laminate, reveals, and vibrant paint colors provide contrast of programmatic areas. The suspended indirect pendants highlight the vertical quality of the space.

[ Project done at while at Allen + Killcoyne Architects - Dan Allen: architect of record ]
- see collaboration page and the AIA rules for attribution for details concerning attribution of credit.

[ credits ]

Client: Private
Architect: Allen + Killcoyne Architects
- Dan Allen, Architect of Record, Principal
- Andrew Haner, Project Manager
. .[ now at sun|tect ]